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Reviews for "++Nes Collab++"

I didn't like how it didn't all run together. I mean, the segments are pretty long. I'll just review each of them one by one.

Punch-Out! 8/10. Nicely animated, but not that interesting.
Kung Fu 10/10. Hilarious and I love the voices.
Super Mario Bros. 10/10. Wonderfully animated and unique!
The Legend Of Zelda 8/10. Not bad.

I loved this collab wen it was on frozen flame lol
Only one problem its not that bad i guess

In the preloader you forgot BILL RIZOR!!!!!!!!!!

no crotch kicking

kung fu was epic.


the punch out one is the best! loving the music as well! does anyone know where to get the mp3 song from this punch out flash? Send me a PM if you have any info.