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Reviews for "The Pot Story"


Wow this was wonderfully bad. I liked it :D I'm still chuckling as I write this
You should make more stupid funny things

distubred yet...

disturbed yet intriqued by the genius art. (i'm scaring myself)

Those guys are crazy

Interesting animation. I liked how you poked fun on all those n00bish abbreviations like omg, omfg, teh, and such.


i agree with wowbagger. I laughed because it was crazy adhd inspired madness.

Fucking Hilarious!!

Omg, that was so friggen funny!! The animation might have been really crappy, but the movie itself was hilarious!! It was one of those rare movies that you love regardless of how the animation looks. The voice acting was excellent, and funny. Some of those words I didn't know how to pronounce until now. Excellent job! :D