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Reviews for "The Pot Story"


That was a funny bitchslap to the internet lingo right there,the animation was kinda crappy and lame but i let that slide for humor purposes and the random moment about pot at the end was very funny as well,great random flash here. =)

Should be called "The Crack Story"

because those guys were acting more like crackheads.


Completely pointless, bizarre, and hilarious. The way I like it. Nice going. This is one of my favorite things I've seen so far.


Completly fucking retarded but funny as hell.

A whole new kinda bad

Wow, this was bad in a different way from how most bad flashes are bad. Though bad, the art, sound and animation were much better than most movies that attain this level of badness. It's hard to explain - it's like you had a five-second idea that most people would feel ashamed of and immediately forget, and instead made an entire movie about it. Congratulations, o pioneer in the mighty wilderness of Suck!