Reviews for "=.ThisIsSpace.="


A little more upbeat and still not drum 'n' bass putting this song faster than ambient and slower than techno making this song a perfect blend of both.


NO! This is Patrick!.....im not space....:(
aside from the lols, pretty god damn well done!!! :DDDDDDDDDDDD...3333


It's upbeat, but yet at the same time, mellow. I like it, excellent work.

Really got your point across...

I really feel as though this song did exactly as it was intended.
Gives me that feeling of my thoughts floating through an empty space.

VERY well done.

<(^.^<) (>^.^)>


You know this piece is actually very well put together. The overall melody is very enjoyable and the song is dynamic and has high energy. I feel it could use some additional work on the mix down but that doesnt change how good of a song it is structurally and melodicaclly just how newgrounds will vote =/


- LD -