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Reviews for "Mr. Artists AClockalypse"


That was great! (but at the very end the lines 'i am wade fulp' appeared right before the fade out.. and also the elmers glue stuff caption appeared before the.. artist person actually said anything)

nice flash. 4/5

PatriotClock responds:

thanks for the error noticing

B is for Bacon

I found this flash to be a gem, nonetheless.

+5 rep.

PatriotClock responds:

+ <3

very good

thats awesome for your first movie keep up the good work bro.

PatriotClock responds:



Um.... can you use the "real" sephiroth plz? :) ^_^

SPAM at its greatest.

Now that's SPAM like we like it. With loveable characters, a moving storyline and the greatest music and voice acting I've ever heard. That cameo by Kevin Bacon was sublime, too.