Reviews for "Jack Sparrow"


yoo you make the illest shit

SkyMarshall responds:

Spectacular. Thanks =)

Nice tune!

Nothing too original going on here.. I really like the lyrics that you added though. :D Very clean as usual. Just sounds like a commercial dance song to be honest.

The percussion added at 1:11 during the 3 beat change reminded me of my band days from when I was younger, hehe. For that nostalgia, I give you 10/10 sir. :)

Keep the tunes comin' Eirik!

SkyMarshall responds:

Nice and honest. I like it man. Thanks =)

Ha ha! That's it.

I've been looking for a fair remix of the Pirates of the Caribbean remix. Heh! I've should have known it would come from you.
I enjoy every bit of this one. Downloads and faved of course. Huurah! Can't wait to see your next piece.


really cool. im a fan. lyrics made me chuckle. really good remix :D


Your music is one of the few reason i keep comming back here every once in a while, once again im not disapointed.
Awesome music.