Reviews for "Jack Sparrow"


This is probably the most amazing song I've ever heard!
Although it would have been better without the lyrics ;P

5/5 10/10

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks a lot for a spectacular first review :)

Definately Worth Listening to...

No doubt, you make the best music on Newgrounds, my hat goes off to you!
Your sense of rythm and tone make your songs unique and good to listen to, you my man, have lots of talent in this field! Keep up the good work, and never give up!

Alex (aka Stratusfear) d=^D


Man, i gotta tell you, i expected it to be a "hes a pirate" remix,but.... goddamnit im amazed.
Never expected you're own vocals,and the change of melody at 1:10 ,just amazing.
The lyrics are great,really funny and fitting.
the synths well greatly made.
The build-up is great
The only thing i dident really get the jewel box melody and synths at the end(like the boxes you open and the music starts playing xD)

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks mate =) The music-box is the theme of Davy Jones from PotC 2. The one he plays on his organ. Anyway, I was out of ideas and needed to make it a little longer. So that is why I closed with that. But no, i dont think it fits either tbh ;)


I both agree and disagree with HiddenWalrus. I think you should add more to the song when the organ comes up at the end, like keep the organ tune going, but add the other beats in the song to it, use it as a transition.

This is just freakin' fabulous insane :D! After 1:58 is the best part for me.