Reviews for "Jack Sparrow"

Definately Worth Listening to...

No doubt, you make the best music on Newgrounds, my hat goes off to you!
Your sense of rythm and tone make your songs unique and good to listen to, you my man, have lots of talent in this field! Keep up the good work, and never give up!

Alex (aka Stratusfear) d=^D

heres a few words for you sir..

You deserve 10* points and a 5/5, some food, water, and shelter and some rum.. wha? hey, WHERES THE RUM?!?!!? That ol Davie Jones Locker stole it!!

Cool song

I don't come to newgrounds often but for a few artists and your one of them keep it up and any hints for your next song. oh and you may feel like this song is not what you wanted but even what you think is your worst stuff sounds good. Don't give your self less credit then you deserve.

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks a lot :) Uplifting review. Im not happy with this because it didn't turn out the way I wanted. I kind of gave up on it. But if people like it anyways, that's just spectacular.

And I thought it couldn't get any better...

I registered at Newgrounds just to post this, brilliant song!

I love the music from the movie and now I just found my next "most played" song. I'm not usually a lyrics person, but they flow so well in this...

...Utter brilliance! Make another version!

SkyMarshall responds:

You registered because of this? Well that's pretty awesome. Love your reiew, thanks a lot mate :)

(Pirates+Techno) x Yo-Ho = Epic

10 stars and 5 vote!
What else could you rate it?

SkyMarshall responds:

I like it - thanks =)