Reviews for "Jack Sparrow"


dosen't sound like u got rusty at all man, keep up the good work


Man, i gotta tell you, i expected it to be a "hes a pirate" remix,but.... goddamnit im amazed.
Never expected you're own vocals,and the change of melody at 1:10 ,just amazing.
The lyrics are great,really funny and fitting.
the synths well greatly made.
The build-up is great
The only thing i dident really get the jewel box melody and synths at the end(like the boxes you open and the music starts playing xD)

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks mate =) The music-box is the theme of Davy Jones from PotC 2. The one he plays on his organ. Anyway, I was out of ideas and needed to make it a little longer. So that is why I closed with that. But no, i dont think it fits either tbh ;)

3 now

i have 3 rmxes of that song by far this 1 is the best
because this 1 has lyrics :D

SkyMarshall responds:

Awesome =)


yoo you make the illest shit

SkyMarshall responds:

Spectacular. Thanks =)

Another Great work

realy well done song
one of the best points of it is the talking because some of you old work like the Resident Evil dance song had 1 part to the talking then just music
but this has taken all the good parts of dance songs and kind of fixed the problems that alot of them had

10/10 first becuase i can never seem to find one of your works that hasent used amazing tech to make it so thats 5 but the other 5 is as you said "A remix of the theme from Pirates of the Caribbean" it realy add's to it knowing that what your listening to you have know you know it but just can't put your finger on it

anyway top job and nice of you to give credit to Hans Zimmer

all the best and hope you keep on making new amazing work