Reviews for "Jack Sparrow"

Nice tune!

Nothing too original going on here.. I really like the lyrics that you added though. :D Very clean as usual. Just sounds like a commercial dance song to be honest.

The percussion added at 1:11 during the 3 beat change reminded me of my band days from when I was younger, hehe. For that nostalgia, I give you 10/10 sir. :)

Keep the tunes comin' Eirik!

SkyMarshall responds:

Nice and honest. I like it man. Thanks =)


the remix was very nice, nothing bad to say about what you did with the music. i loved the fact that you added in vocals without it being weord by making them "robotic", however, sometimes the vocals went to low and sounded... lame. otherwise, perfect!


Best remix i've heard in ages


I both agree and disagree with HiddenWalrus. I think you should add more to the song when the organ comes up at the end, like keep the organ tune going, but add the other beats in the song to it, use it as a transition.


Sweet little song and I love the sound of the vocals and the rythmtic lyrics. =)