Reviews for "Jack Sparrow"

i wish i could make something like this

best remix of this ever its perfect


Been a long-time since I put a review for like a year anyway this song ROCKS!!!!

Ha ha! That's it.

I've been looking for a fair remix of the Pirates of the Caribbean remix. Heh! I've should have known it would come from you.
I enjoy every bit of this one. Downloads and faved of course. Huurah! Can't wait to see your next piece.

movie... pffff... song... fuck yea!

i love the music. especially your take on it. did you make the melody by ear or did you get sheet music?

SkyMarshall responds:

Thanks man =)
By ear btw - or it would never fit the dance-genre.


Love it, it's so fun! Full Score.

Im getting funny looks as I dance in my seat.