Reviews for "Annabel"

Wow, that was... Bloody. :P And nice.

Very nice animation, especially because you made the song yourself , and I didn't know that story, very nice, although I'm not a fan of violence, evil and so. :P

nicely done sir.

I salute you. you have done what i was hoping someone would do. make up an intensely violent song and set it to a lullaby tune. is there any chance i could acquire this song from you?


The song was long,.. But i really injoyd it all.. I still can hear him singing the song,.
hahha ..

'Nice' Song

Well, I didn't like animation much, but the song is something worth spending few minutes :)

burtonearny responds:

Thank you, that's the main part of it, I just did the animation as an extra :D

so much violance its beutyful

violence... i cant take its so buetyful. your work its wonderful!