Reviews for "Annabel"

Woot :D

Very cool, could fall asleep with this song ^^


A great lullaby! XD


Whilst The Llama song may have just been a funny song, this really gets to show off your skills. Your voice is actually quite good, and the composition of the lyrics really worked, even if you did have to force it occasionally ("something you asked for not!").

It was pretty good to hear this soft mellow ballad-esque song that worked well in sharp contrast to the lyrics which were being sung and the actions happeneing on the screen. Again, it's also good that all the murder and bloodshed appeared off-screeen, and you chose just to hightlight it with shadows/blood spray. Was a really nice piice, that I greatly enjoyed.


The song was long,.. But i really injoyd it all.. I still can hear him singing the song,.
hahha ..

The llama song is better

now... kinda ok but of course the llama song is your best creation
nothing can beat your llama song now, howd u dream up the words 4 da llama song? p.s. respond 2 this plz! p.p.s. your on my contact list