Reviews for "Annabel"

Hilarious song!

This is like Steven Lynch's work! I loved the song, but the animation was lacking. One background, and very little happening (what did happen was hilarious!) Even so, the song was worthy of a good score. Excellent work!

burtonearny responds:

Thank you! Gotta love Stephen Lynch though, he's a genius. Sorry about the animation, it was sort of meant to be a fun add on.

such a happy song

very funny!

Woot Satan

That is going in my favorites right there. I never knew Satan had a daughter I think her and Jesus should fight that would be great. Um nothing really to much to say about this flash I thought it was done extremely well I guess if I had to comment its would be the length was to long but that wasn’t you fault that was the song.

burtonearny responds:

Well then it is my fault, I made the song ;) but thanks!

Yeah, it would be cool to see Jesus vs Annabel... but unless it's the Jesus from the Madness movies I can't imagine him lasting long, hehe.

twas ok.

twas ok, if you did the singing yourself, your a good singer.
very funny.

burtonearny responds:

Thank you, it's always nice to get a compliment!