Reviews for "Annabel"

Wow, that was... Bloody. :P And nice.

Very nice animation, especially because you made the song yourself , and I didn't know that story, very nice, although I'm not a fan of violence, evil and so. :P

Nicely Done

This was a smart little movie. You made the song too, which is pretty cool. The Flash itself wasn't much to look at, but it seved its purpose and was entertaining.

Only thing about the song was the repetitious chorus line. It grates after a few times hearing it and it's sung quite a few times in the song. Still good though.

Since this is your song, you should upload it to the audio portal for others to use if you'd like to share. Then you can link the two together.

ill never trust a child again

nicly done......

who sung the song anyway, coz it was pretty good.
maybe you should make a sequal of later life, maybe with flat mates or an adopted family.

burtonearny responds:

That was me who sung the song, so thanks! If I made a sequel I'd probably have to put a lot more into the animation, as that's what NG people seem to want, but fair enough. Thanks again!

love the song

i loved the song but i think that u should of spent more time on illustration mabye showing us wat annabel lokked like or show her life story as you sung it

Great job any way

Very well done on the song

The cartoon isn't much to boast about, though.

It was alright, but I think if you illustrated the story more completely, it would've been much better.

3/5... (5/5 for your efforts with the song)