Reviews for "Annabel"


weird you actually sang that? if so you sing well. satan rocks

oh and you should make more max paynes:D

burtonearny responds:

Heheh, yes I sang it so thanks for the compliment!

Sorry about the Max Paynes... I did have another one ready for the making but I can't find it now. If I do, I'll see if I can get it done, but it was going to be the last one anyway.


you said she was the daugther of saan,but why does kill family then?

but the music choice was good.it perfomce with the song.

burtonearny responds:

Like I said to the last person, it's the same thing as how Jesus was the son of God, but Mary and Joseph are his parents.

Plus, it doesn't say she killed her parents, it says she attacked them with a crossbow, everyone assumes hey died. The only person in the song who actually dies is the exorcist, and the animation shows the grandmother dying.

Anyway, thank you for the compliments and good review!


This was interesting.. but if she is satan's daughter, why does it say she killed her parents? or is she just satans daughter cause he blessed her with evil? Eh I dunno.

Well it could be animated a little better, maybe with like plotlines and stuff.

The song was nice though.

burtonearny responds:

It's like how Jesus is the son of God, but Mary and Joseph were her parents... same idea.

And the animation was more of an afterthought, don't worry I'm doing a lot of work on a proper animation, this was just something fun I felt like doing.

eh, it was okay

the graphics were good, but there really wasn't much to see except for the lyrics sliding up the wall and shadows of Annabel stabbing people to death. the idea is a good one, but you should put in more animation, because it got really boring after a while

'Nice' Song

Well, I didn't like animation much, but the song is something worth spending few minutes :)

burtonearny responds:

Thank you, that's the main part of it, I just did the animation as an extra :D