Reviews for "Annabel"

name coincedence?

OMFG! I hope it doesn't go for every annabel, cause that would be bad for me... since it's my name... but I wouldn't be suprised if it was true! hahah... still it's a freakin' funny video! bit slow in tune but who gives a shit!?

so much violance its beutyful

violence... i cant take its so buetyful. your work its wonderful!

nicely done sir.

I salute you. you have done what i was hoping someone would do. make up an intensely violent song and set it to a lullaby tune. is there any chance i could acquire this song from you?

my god...

this was...disturbing...o and by the way...I <3 THE LLAMA SONG!!!!!!!!

---Damn funny!---

This song would make a perfect lullaby... if it wasn't for the lyrics! Yes, I'll admit it; I laughed! It appealed to the darker side of my sense of humor. I'm confident I won't end up in Hell just for laughing at this short. The only thing I didn't like was the implication in the song that a child can be born evil. I don't buy that! People grow up and they make choices. Some people choose to be greedy, selfish, cruel and vindictive. Others try to live better than that. They don't always succed, but they try!... Still, if your sense of humor has a dark half to it, you'll enjoy this short. It's messed-up, but in a funny way.

burtonearny responds:

A child is like a sketchbook, born blank, and people affect the child as it grows, like writing in the book. You can never fully rub out the writing though, but things can be re-worded... if that makes sense... I agree that people can never be born evil, but the concept of the song is that she was put there by Satan with an innate instinct to be evil, so that's why she was born evil. Though being an atheist I don't actually believe in Satan, it was just a bit of fun, hehe.

But anyway, thanks for the review!