Reviews for "Meet Luther Lohr"


'Author's comments:

Many thanks to www[dot]coffeecup[dot]com for making this downloadable version of flash 5! Don't be worried though folks! It doesn't mean you'll have to see more of me!'


Inim responds:


Tank the yoga bear and his orange soda throw...

I remember cutting that picture of lohr out of my yearbook and giving it to you for your birthday...and now it made you famous...I want some of that profit!!!!

good show
dj cree

I'm first!!!!!

That was pretty funny. I like those kinds of flash movies that are just a bunch of weird stuff that doesn't make sense. The large file size would account for not compressing that sound file, though. But that song was cool. What was it?

Inim responds:

I dunno.

Pretty Funny

I loved the soundtrack. Who sings it? I've seen the same squirrel picture 900 times but its makes me laugh everytime. Isn't the picture the guy who played the penal implant boss in movie EDtv? Made no sense which is always cool.

7 on the ball grabbing scale of a possible 13.47

Inim responds:



7/10 for that squirell, the rest was ok.

Inim responds:

Yeah squirrels are pretty neat.