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Reviews for "Hero Coryal Halloween '05"

OMFG You're not dead!

I just presumed someone murdered you after that last april fools day joke.

First the simpsons now you

How many more halloween specials must apear a week after Halloween? Should we just Move halloween to Nevember 8th?

Also, I can't help but think this cartoon was a part of a conspiracy to blow out my handme down speakers. It's a funny conspiracy no less.

Nobody cares about the moon :(

Excellent as always. Jayarch (sp?) dressed as a wrong-colored Megaman was genius...not to menion the bra filled with candy and Coryal's dad as Bill Clinton.

Foamy may be the lord and master, but MISTEROO IS YOUR GOD.

Awesome as usual.

(See summary).


That is, like, the bomb.

What's with the Bill Clinton mask and the Bongun costume? :( By the by, that kitten ROXXXX.

Click the water bill for a special surprise song.
Right click and press play at the ending\replay screen for a secret scene.