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Reviews for "Hero Coryal Halloween '05"


i can only hope that one day i can be as great as you XD

friggin hilarious!!!!


I'm pretty sure this made me want to punch babies.

Stop making fun of bad flash animations by making worse flash animations, okay?

On a more positive note, I did chuckle a few times, so that's why the humor is at a three, as opposed to everything else. You have a lot of potential to do something good, yet you incessantly make this tired drivel. I did appreciate Shadow Government Puppet Show, or whatever the hell it was called, and I hope to see Market Crash break this trend of hostility toward fans.

I love your random-ness

If I could do flash animation, it would probably be something like yours are.

If it was any funnier, Id crap myself!

The most fucking random cartoon ever, and I couldn't love it anymore because it's my favorite Flash movie. The diabetes thing was more random than the "nobody cares about the moon" scene. I WANT TO SEE MORE!!!!!!

Too fucking funny.

Diabetes! Diabetes! Hello there, You slut!! Best line, Ha ha! Happy thanks giving! Too damn funny. Love the randomness. It does prove that humor is the way to go...GOD I love the diabetes part! It's almost a crime that not many people seen this movie! I guess anything that doesnt have the word Arfen wont get much recognition.