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Reviews for "Hero Coryal Halloween '05"


This was awesome! I really enjoyed the audio, as strange as that sounds, as the stuff they were saying was so damn funny! I liked seeing your cat character in this style, and overall I like the way it looks. Very nice job with this!

I love this movie

Every time I watch it it cracks me up.

Why did you stop doing these??!!!!!!

Ah well life calls I guess.


Like all of your other crazy crap.

I enjoyed seeing this, if not for the comedy then for the chaos.

Though I have to ask: is it weird that I suddenly want to watch Coryal videos?

And I mean not just as some more stuff like this, I mean actual stuff with, like, writing, storyline, and plot. I mean I want to actually see a fully developed cartoon or cartoon series with Coryal.

This leads me to believe this video gave me cancer.

OMG Holy shit xD

That diabetes joke made me die.. lmao.. =)


This movie never fails to make me laugh.