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Reviews for "Hero Coryal Halloween '05"

Disasterously precise satire

Well done on, once again, making something so randomly odd yet so sublimely orchestrated, thank you for supplying the public with another inside joke which we can revel in once again!

Have my babies.

Wow. Just...... wow. It was like watching a mentally handicapped man play russian roulette. The sound was a little difficult to make out, but it was supposed to be that way. The ending was amazing, too.


You're crazy, you know that, right?

Watching Hero Coryal is a lot like having cancer, only funnier. It might have made me laugh till I cried, but it's also horrible and painful at the same time. Inflicting it on others should be a criminal offense. Too bad I watched it willingly and can't sue.

Now go work on AHTM4, dammit! :P

Hero Coryal's at it again!

Even when you totally half-ass something and do it in the span of like 2 days, it still turns out awesome. I must say, I've yet to be disappointed by a flash movie that you made (more than I can say for other people's work though). Keep up the good work.


watch out for diabeates!!!

I voted 10 on everything because I am a drooling obbsesive furry fanboy who wants to rape you at AC

...Now THAT'S what's spooky about the halloween special