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Reviews for "Hero Coryal Halloween '05"


i love your acid-trip style cartoons, i've been a fan since your 8-bit flash, random is my favourite type of comedy, kiddie-drawing style always helps with the hilarity so great job on this one, if it only took you a couple days i have some shorts in mind if you are interested


MOEHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH Thats so fuckin funny hehehehehhehehe


Now that was dada! It was funny. Nice dada!

I can't say how to imptrove it cause it's to wacky to improve...

Heh, oh no it's diabetes!

As usual

Maximum points, as usual Misteroo.

You are and will always be my secret hero.


"Oh no, it's diabetes!"

Ha, you've still got it Misteroo. Shame about the lowish score; I guess people are still pissed about the Afrenhouse 3 prank or something.