Reviews for "Zelda O.o.T Gerudo Fortress"

Its good but it could be better

it probably gets better as it progresses but still needs sumthin more

FlameMesial responds:

Yeah I know. The guitar quality is bad here. It needs a solo, bass lines and more diverse drumming. Thanks for the review!

Low Quality

More of a rock sound to me in my opinion, but it still had the heavy metal edge. Another song with low quality sounds, which I find a little disapointing. Still good song to listen to, the the guitar solo sounded off on a couple parts when I really listened to it. Anyways good job.

FlameMesial responds:

Yeah, this was the period when I was still experimenting with sound and stuff, and also when I couldn't play very well. Now I've found my sound, and I can play to a good standard :D

Thanks man.


I've seen countless Gerudo Valley tracks, but this is one of the best. Keep up the good work dude.

FlameMesial responds:

Hahahaha, you really think so? :P

Thanks for the review anyway man.

Needs more texture

I am a zelda fan and so naturally i took a liking to this immediately. But I think that you need more in this. Not just you playing the song over a drum loop and some palm muted power chords. Couldn't you have added your own lttle lead bits or arpeggios in it? Perhaps even some violins or something? Otherwise, nice one!

FlameMesial responds:

Well, I could of put some leads, I'll give you that one, but I don't have a violin. Thanks anyway.

it was good....

it could have been better though. I think i would have liked it a lot more if you had made it with a little more clairity. on some parts i couldn't hear much at all. and i thought heavy metal was supposed to be loud? Maybe if you remake this song you should make the guitars louder. it sounds like i'm listening to it from another room... well... it was good but i think that if it was a little louder it would be tons better. also you need to work on the clarity

FlameMesial responds:

I've said it before, I think the guitarwork here was shite, because I didn't know the tune well enough to play fluently, and it was recorded with a drum track, a rhythm track and a lead track, which would explain why it's so empty.

I'm seriously thinking about re-doing it, but people have used this in their flash and it will piss them off if I redid it.

Now that I have a new computer, a new program, and the space and time to learn and perform the songs properly, the new version will be soooo much better.

Thanks for the review!