Reviews for "N00bkebob #08"


there was good stuff in there. i liked the little jingle in the beginning. some funny parts as well. i gave it a 4

N00bNation responds:

finaly a good review. :)

the music in the beginning is from nintendos duckhunt

Its aight

I thought it was pretty cool. Nice job on the animating. My fave was the cricketn00b.

I agree on your comment about the last guy :P

N00bNation responds:

im sure cricket will be glad to hear that.


Notbad i liked this one, funny with the differrent ones i liked them all as they all gave me a sorta funny laugh, some animation could be smoother but i enjoyed iit for the humor, nice job people.


That was nice...

All of those submissions alone would get blammed (except maybe Cricket's... Hilarious) but you pulled together and made 5 or 6 crappy films into one almost crappy film. Impressive.


Was as I expected a showcase of the talentless. Just either give up or make something with some structure and a story.

N00bNation responds:

maybe we will. (the second one)