Reviews for "N00bkebob #08"


Tom: although it wasn't overly great or nothing, it was good enough to make on NG in my opion so you have my 5... if dont vote 5 and people who dislike it vote 0 and people who like it only vote 3 or 4 you won't make it. so i gave you a 5.

N00bNation responds:


Yeh matts gay

WOW they were all good (except that cricket lad ... man did he suck) but yeh his frend is cool w8 for fiendish's flash in the next 1 oh yeh.

Ellis is gay

Awesome wicked awesome.

The return of kebobs!

Woah, what a nice intro for this one :) I liked it very much!

Queen's part was hilarious, firsty the plot twist was great, with that silly song (what's the name, by the way?) and then...the twist again ;P

Star's was really funny, it is true that it looked really emotional with that eyes :)

BenHur's was really wierd. The quality was there, but it was so random, with all the violence and stuff...it left me astonished, but it was quite good :D

Satanic's was funny with all the internet and emoticons talk, but it was too short :(

And finally Cricket's was pretty good, even when I don't usually like that kind of movies, it was well executed :P

A great job! Good to see that there are more members in this one :D

N00bNation responds:

NN will rise and become the biggest :3


What was up with that great new introduction, i loved it;

N00bQueen: Finally we get to see a happy ending then get it taken away from us at the last minute, oh well it leaves it open i suppose. I liked the use of that joke again it was pretty good 8/10

N00bstar: Nice, but maybe it was alittle too simple, i thought that there was a good bases here, i mean i liked the soft music and the little character you used was good. Im guessing there maybe is a continuation of this lets see what happens 7/10

N00b_Ben_Hur: Good work with this, i thought that the start was abit disturbing with faces being ripped up and all, but it turned out to ne quite the entertaining random flash 8/10

SatanicN00b: Well the graphics for the fighters werent that good, but i do have to say that i liked the violence you implemented in this. Great ending was what saved this 8/10

CricketN00b: That was quite the sad piece of flash, i thought that the way you designed the characters was good, and i liked that little tear you added in. I thought that you handled the stabbing well but the jumping was alittle silly. Overall a sad and well constructed short of loss.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)