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Reviews for "Final Defense"


Wowowow. You've done it again AG. Well done Ninja+co.

Seriously, this is amazing. So advanced from my level. You inspire me.. even though you can be a butt on the forums. Blerg.

Still, I will not judge your flash based on your actions. 5/5 10/10. :)

Rustygames responds:

Thanks man I always liked you
I know I have been a bit silly on the forums but that has all changed now

Loved it

Great game, just needs one more thing..

Make the single player get harder faster... I was playing for a long time and the difficulty hardly increased, other than that, loved it ---> 5

Rustygames responds:

Heh okay your a hardcore gamer then huh ;)
Well try endurance and also submit your highscore : )

i love these games....

Great game all round,
what else can i say...

Rustygames responds:

Heh thanks

thumbs up

zomg! 0.01 points added! great game, was challenging-ish and was fun


Great job taking a generic shooter and cloning almost perfectly.

You my friend truly are a genius.

Congratulations, three hurrahs for you...

hurrah! hurrah! hurrah!