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Reviews for "Final Defense"

another great work.

I expected nothing else from this game. Simply amazing. Great job you two. amazing. Simply Amazing.

Rustygames responds:

Thanks man I apreciate it alot


Good man, there is a massive glitch though...and sometimes the tanks and stuff will float right into my base, or right over the top.


This is a sweet game, It's fun until you buy absolutly everything, and then the game stops. Have you worked out all the bugs yet?


nice man, first time I played this I only got to level 5. Now I just beat the whole game in one sitting.

whats up with tha armorgames pop up?!

i've played this game before, and i really like it, but that armor games pop up is disturbing the gameplay so u keep loosing very fast, try to do something against that, ok?
from the game i like the shield, the game would not be good without the music since it rocks. i like games wit upgrades, then it's not so sensless where you can't level up, but only play play and another play, that makes a game boring, but this game is good