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Reviews for "Final Defense"

Pretty average. It's a somewhat interesting game until a certain point. I made it to wave 23 on story mode before I quit of boredom. There is nothing left to do but look at new enemies that you happen across very rarely. There is no satisfaction or incentive to keep going. It just gets repetitive and boring. While there's still upgrades to get, it's a bit fun, though.

This is a good game, but I will admit that the graphics could be better. I also did not like it how you couldn't even seem to know where the money you had was. I couldn't see much with the screen blocking the question marks. Still, it's nice to play. It's mostly because of how simple it is and how it's fun to just blow stuff up. I like how they blow up when they hit your fortress.

Apparently, I needed money for the mines or anything else. The sound effects were pretty good. It's just that you used some easy text for a lot of things. It still is pretty good for a time waster. You might want to put more variety into the enemies too.

I got to around level 20 on story mode.

I died, however, because one tank seemed to have glitched and become indestructible. It happily sailed through my base, taking no damage from my shells or my red shield, and blew it up. I think the whole game is glitched. On the whole it is choppy and gemnerally irritating. Zero stars, blam this.


Sucks that its the final because it could be a better one.

lol 5 and 10 D:

yeahhhh, i give you a 5 and a 10 cuz of the MUSIC!! YEAHHHH XD