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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 7"


A lot better than all the others... and despite all the things I said in the other review, I can't explain why I like this one.

A while back, I noticed you said not to leave comments saying that this kind of humor isn't your thing, right?

[this kind of humor] is my thing. I do watch things that are the kind of funny you're going for. Arfenhouse, Robot Chicken, things like that. I love random humor.
[Skittlez and Bitz] usually isn't. It's probably just me, since none of his series has been blammed off of NG. But... I think you might have a wider fanbase if it was a bit less stupid-random, and a bit more funny-random. The whole Ninja Turtles thing, there wasn't anything funny there. And all the little farts? You can expect to see one every 10-20 seconds. It gets a bit old, thats all I'm saying.
But this one was a bit better, keep it up.

hell yeah

good good hahahahahah ''5 minets'' hohoho..... thats cool


I cant stop laughing.
Ok now I can

Cool! Kirbopher 15 is a great voice actor!

(For the one skit with Megaman X in it). Iv'e seen him preform gue voice talent in his very own flash movie: Megaman vs Plungerman. He's funny as hell! XD :) :D Oh yeah, and the "random maritial arts noises with Majin is annoying as shit! >:( Please don't do that again! >.<

Could have been better

This was pretty stupid. Parts of it were funny though, like the Megaman and the Princess Peach skit(why don't they put one of those homing devices they use on dogs on her?) and a select one other.