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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 7"

numba seven huh?

Mega man must defeat the mavericks...lol totally awesome!!

~Luigi-dude10 >)


I really enjoyed that.

Oh and ryanson209?
The song was " Ignorance is bliss". Im sure if you look in the Mario selection, you can find the flash.


The last one... that was Chrono Trigger, wasn't it?

Yeah, the DBZ one was the best. Just my opinion, though.

One question, and please answer it: What was the name of the song that kept saying "Princess Toadstool"?

funny as hell

Everything about this was good. The Dragonball Z and megaman X scenes were the best

I agree with the last reviewer.

I like ur series and ur robot chickeness. And I also think this was the best one since their earlyer one. And yes I to think it would be funnyer if it was more funny then studpid funny. I also like the pokemon skit cuz when i was a kid playing those game when it first came out. I too wonted to just shoot the trainer to win. keep up the series just no cheesy ones. Again great work and thanks for the hard working making it so I can laugh :)