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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 7"


lol Horseshoe.....evil-plan.......
...marshmallow! ><! i allmost like pissed myself!!!!!!!!!!! XD but dont kiss ass to tom.


You Did An Exelent Job!!!!! Expecially the part with final fantasy and mega man! I will be avenged!!!!!!!!!! Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


man this is hilarious! expecially that dragon ball Z part with the weird kung-fu

oh, and to the guy before me, that toadstool song is called ignorance is bliss


Where did you get that "princess toadstool" song?seems familiar, but i still dont know.

Still great!

I enjoyed this one better than the last one. Pretty good job!

Graphics: Sprite animations are awesome! Animated well still.
Style: Your style is great.
Sound: I loved the music for the "Princess Toastool" scene. Nice! Everything else was good.
Violence: Gohan with the gun, was a little violent. Car hitting Megaman, and the Pokemon scene had some violence. The FF one looked very painful.
Interactivity: Once again, it had a scene selection button.
Humor: Much better than the last one. I loved the Pokemon scene. "The opponent did a little more than Faint." lol