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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 7"

its getting old

your losing your touch
it gets less funny every time
i think its about time you throw in the towel
you ARE a great flash artist, don't get me wrong
but your jokes don't work anymore
its getting sad...

that was great

I love all the skittles n' bitz toons they're wicked especially that dbz one ha donk a dona donk?

Par. Next hole, please.

I don't mind sprite flashes, but the reason I gave this a mediocre graphics rating is because many of the shots were too close up, making the pixels way too obvious in the characters. With sprites there really aren't that many levels of rating... either 'competent' or 'failure' and this one is competent.
This one didn't seem as amusing as some of the others, but I'm sure that's because it's the seventh installment of the same old song and dance. It's cool and all, but it's just been done and done and done. I gave it the humor score I did because of one very specific moment... Gohan's method of disposing of Piccolo. That was art. Beyond that it was kind of stale...

In summary... I liken it to a hammer that isn't broken. It is the best kind of hammer in that it works, but there's nothing really special about it, and its the most basic of devices.

I've sat by silently...

Look, I can tell that you do have some skill in flash, and you've found your niche in the portal so to speak... but, I've sat by and watched your series silently up until this point. I don't mean to tell you you're bad, 'cause you're not... I just feel that much of the humor is not optimal. I feel that most of the jokes are very much the same, ending with some sort of non-sequitor, or an accented collision/punch. Also, you're just reaching a little too far when you try to be random/funny. Interjecting marshmallow into a soldier crying for help is funny the first and maybe second time, but after seven episodes with similar jokes, it just kind of loses it's flair. Not only that, but in this one you managed to steal a joke from Indian Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark when you had Gohan shoot Piccolo after giving a display. I almost believed you when you would always tell people you were just being random and didn't care what they thought... but when you start stealing jokes.... well, I'm sorry, it kind of lost some funny points there. Again, you work well with the technical aspects of your work, but your content has grown somewhat lackluster. I look forward to your future submissions.

Enjoyed It

I'd watch a series of these movies based off what I saw here.