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Reviews for "Skittles N' Bitz 7"

Wow Very funny

The funniest part was the dbz one i couldnt stop laughing when he was doin the martial art noises =) this is my favorite ive seen all of em =)

Holy Mothur F*uc*er

OMFG that was great i have seen all the skittles and bitz and the most hillarious thang is i watch one of them every day and also when im older plan to help dungeon studios if thats kay kapeesk keep the shows running in skittles and bitz 11 or 10 cant remember oh yeah a signature lol omfglmaorofl

The Master of flashin crazy flash


HAHAHAHA THAT WAS FUNNY "LOCKE LOCKE RUNAWAY SOLDIERS KEFKA HORSESHOE EVILPLAN MARSHMALLOW" innocent whistle.hahahah that was good all so the princess toadstoal thing out of all it rocked not much violence the humor was great!! over all man u rock


It is ot much to say.. this was really funny, maybe some people that havnt played those games dont like it, but that is classic humor!

I like randomness

My favorite part was with the GARBAGE GNOMES AND ELECTRIFIED JELLY ROLLS! Keep up the good work.