Reviews for "lordofthematrixwars"

Wow, this was in seven categories on this website! I simply have to love a cartoon that does all that. I kept seeing this appear when looking through the collections. I loved the animation. They all had pretty distinct designs. I especially like how deadpan everyone is.

The title didn't even cover half of it! There was just so much going on. It's hard to even describe something this massive. A pity there were no "Star Wars" characters. Titties are awesome.

"I Just Made it Out!" and "Daaamn, Tittiiiieesss!"

Also, 10 years later and I just now watched until the end of the credits and *spoiler alert* there's a very short bonus clip I never knew about.

holly crap, '05? make mour! make a smash bros x one! there guna make it for the wiiU!

Quite weird

You need more body animations. Only their mouth were moving.


what teh hell was that?