Reviews for "lordofthematrixwars"


It was just too slow paced and chock full of incredibly bland jokes. I couldn't finish watching it because the tv kept taking my attention, then I looked back and I was so burried in this mountain of manuer that I gave up and clicked out. It seems to be the new fad to not try as far as scripts and such goes. The whole "lets just wing a whole series," style worked for Aqua Team but it's become so overdone by untalented authors that it lost all of it's humor. Talk about running a funny idea into the ground.

This is the best parody ever

[see top] it seemed like a movie preview not that many can make somthin' as good as this favorite line*all of them*

some shit man

nice man...weird shit. it looks good, if you get past the lack of real movment. which if you get the humor of it is good, and yeah...there weren't any jokes that were actualy ABOUT the characters, but I got the hint of a twisted sence of humor, the best kind

Lack of IQ from NGers = High Review for Garbage.

This doesn't deserve front page, or even to be in seven different sections for that matter. People are successful at parodies because they have talent and know how to make things funny. Tnhrowing in every character you can think of with random bad catach phrases isn't good. It's trash. Your lack of movement made it worse, and the voices weren't any good. Want a good example of a parody? Go look at the ones with high ratings, like The Real Legend of Zelda. Next time, have a good story (not little to nonexistent), real movement, and good voices. People who don't slack off in those areas are successful. You aren't one of them.

Pretty Nice

This must be why robotbox and cactus havent been updated for a while.