Reviews for "lordofthematrixwars"

Not bad...But not great either.

It was mildly entertaining but the animations were to stiff, there wasn't really any distinction in the voice acting between each character and word to the wise, boobies don't always sell. Also, the music playing overtop of everything was a little bit annoying and drew away from the 'drama'. The story was a little bit all over the place and hard to follow, and to people who like that randomness, I guess it would be fine, however I didn't enjoy it very much. Good effort, just a little too random.

too many pple talking...

didn't really like it. I suggest you don't make people talk over lyrics, i found it difficult to concentrate on the dialogue. Otherwise state of the union was a good song choice for the intro.


teh titties say everything

link save zelda i cant we in the matrix

oh shit lol