Reviews for "lordofthematrixwars"

Very Random...and Funny

The voices sounded really retarded. Everything was random. XD


Strangely strange strangelis strangeluccus strangedidus.SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO STRANGE.


Absolutely horrible, I don't know where to begin, the tw positive is that the voice actors weren't screwups and that the animation was actually good even if the characters mostly stood still. Bad jokes, too many celebrities, bad plot (come on, that has been used for decades o__O) cheesy lines (cheesy in a bad way) and overall boringness since it features second to none movement of characters. But what do I know, seriously. These things you can improve, atleast in other movies. I give you a 3 because of animation quality and voice acting.

Stupid, funny, slapstick, comedy...

These are just some of the words used to describe this... this... I don't know what to call it! It was so funny (and I mean stupid as in stupid funny, as in the kind of stupid that makes it funny) that I almost had to stop watching from laughing so hard. But it was a great spoof of about everything!

Overall: 9.9
Sound: 10.0
Visuals: 9.9
Animation: 9.9
Enjoyability: 10.0


That was so hilarious and retarded at the same time I almost pissed myself.