Reviews for "-Flight-"


you're right, the melody is awesome.
backgrounds were stale though, and the song had very little flow throughout. i wish i could compare it to another song to show what i mean. to be fair, many songs have poor flow, but it was pretty clear in this song.

Waterflame responds:

thanks! ^^ i tried to variate the drums and such, but changing the bassline only ended up in beeing a mess. so i decided to let it be and just variate the stutter etc. but i see your point. thanks for the constructive review!

I like I like

There is not way this could get any happier and as you said before this is just as much of you as possible. I love your style, your happiness and your super kirby -ish melodies :D It's much fun to listen to the Song and it always stays interesting and changes style a bit always delivering the typical waterflame elements we all love so much. Cheezy basslines in the background, pumping beat, happy melodies and a small orchestral touch...

awww :333 isn't he cute? I found it on the internet, can I keep it? oh pleeease


Waterflame responds:

woot aera =D awesome, thank you! glad you think so :D hehe

its Ok...

its not the best in God's Green earth

Nice beat

Nice composition
Nice beat
nicely orchestrated

5/5 - 9.5/10

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