Reviews for "-Flight-"


perect techno music more will be great


At first, I found your song Glorious Morning, and I loved it! I went to your page and checked out some of your other songs, an they were AWESOME! Your songs are easily some of the best out there! Great work! 5/5, 10/10!

Splendid. Just splendid.

This piece has wonderful voice. I'm very selective about music which I hear. I have no specialty for metal or trance or anything, I just listen to music which is good. And, well, this is.

Triple review!!! ---ALERT---

There are some songs that are so good, I'm speechless. This is obviously not one of those songs. IT'S BETTER!
---Master Fish

I kind of expected this to be 8-bit, and I think it would have been better that way. Sorry, bored.



Great song from great Artist/DJ.