Reviews for "-Flight-"

Why. So. Epic

I just can't stand how awesome this song is. I see what you mean by the melody; it really is great, especially the small variations that you throw in there with the violin and whatnot. The buildups are unique too ><
I just have to say this is a really cool song ><. Cool effects, good supports, something new every time, great song.

You Did It Again :D

This Beat Give Souldestroyer117 a Full On HARD ON !
Lol jk
Awesome :)


At first, I found your song Glorious Morning, and I loved it! I went to your page and checked out some of your other songs, an they were AWESOME! Your songs are easily some of the best out there! Great work! 5/5, 10/10!


perect techno music more will be great

(bobs head)

I like this! The 8-bit sounds at the beginning are nice, and the piano at 1:58 and the strings at 2:12 make this really fun to listen to!