Reviews for "-Flight-"

I also heard it in Slush Invaders. Very nice fast paced technoish piece :D
Will be listening to it many times :)

(louder noise)wooah!
(backround noise)baad ass!

Heard this in Slush Invaders Game and I gotta say, badass work dude. It's like happiness and adventure and all the crap.

5\5 :3

I don't understand

Somehow you have the mental capacity to create masterpieces day-by-day. The way you use the violin in your music makes me want to cry tears of utter joy. There is no doubt that you are one of the most tallented composers out there. Thank you for your contributions to Newgrounds.

Triple review!!! ---ALERT---

There are some songs that are so good, I'm speechless. This is obviously not one of those songs. IT'S BETTER!
---Master Fish

I kind of expected this to be 8-bit, and I think it would have been better that way. Sorry, bored.