Reviews for "-Flight-"


That melody! It's simply enchanting!
A wonderful piece of music--no, a wonderful piece of pure ARTWORK!

Waterflame responds:

:D ! thank you


Even though there was a long break in songs, I think these 2 latest songs more than make up for it. They are extremely good, some of your best I think.

Btw, this song reminds me a lot of Dark Seaside for some reason.

Waterflame responds:

Thanks :D im really glad to hear that i made up for the wait ^-^ i think it reminds you of dark seaside because it was made during the same time period, where i used to use those synth sounds i made alot.. its the TS404 bassline synth. anyways, its basicly the same sounds. i kept them there to preserve some of the original feel in the song ^-^ i might put the original on youtube O.o we'll see! thanks again

You did it again!

Another awesome song,nice work!!

Waterflame responds:

Thanks! ^^

Great tune :D

WOOHOO! I love this composal! makes me feel all... vibey :D

5/5 10/10

Waterflame responds:

woot :D thank you!

Great tune!

Feels really like flying. :D Great job, keep the thing up!

Waterflame responds:

:D thanks! i will ;D