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Reviews for "School!"

OMG this is so F***** hilarious

I cant stop laughing!!!,the dumbass nerd got stabbed in the knife and stuff. aaaaaaah s*** I got to tell someone about this

Cleod-9 responds:

Awesome! Thanks

---That poor fat bastard!---

LOL!!! I'm not sure which one of those students got it worse! But I can't believe the guy who came over when told to do so! That dummy should have just ran out the room! But the funniest one was the girl who actually ate her cellphone! That was Gold!


It had it's moments. But i couldnt get over the fact that whoever did the voice acting sounded like he was whispering into the microphone so his mom wouldnt hear him, so that dampened the entire thing.


Nice bad nding funny violant

she ate her cell phoneLOl!!

that was flippin halarios we call our band director mr.H and he is like super evil and the fat part was halarious this is the best thing i have reviewed yet!! lol