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Reviews for "School!"

Frickin Good!

Best submission ive seen since i joined. Awesome graphics, nice music, good plot, and good jokes. Perfect halloween theme too!


That was excellent! Your graphics were good and I like your style and the idea was awesome!! Also, your voices are pretty funny... and I laughed when the fat kid was dreaming and the television said that The Simpsons episode is in progress. That was funny as hell!!
Mhawhahahahahah!!! (Evil laughter)

wierd and amusing

your "michevious voice" sucks, but its not a big deal. the plot was strangely funny enough for me to ignore that catastrophe at the microphone. at least you didnt make popping noises from being all up on the mic. most people fail miserably at that.

that teacher was amusing because he got set off from the smallest stuff, and the 911 thing was amusing. eat a phone and die, or die. thats a real win-win situation!

good ending as well =)


So.. I don't want to watch the entire thing to read what the music was during the credits, can someone please tell me the music that is being played during the credits?

Cleod-9 responds:

It's the theme from the old movie "Psycho". Google it for more info.

hey check it out!

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anyway, vo was kinda weak but the eat the phone thing was AWESOME!
3 fo u.