Reviews for "Something In Throats"

good one

very nice halloween animation... rather creepy, but it didn't really scare me. it was also very original too, i liked the concept to this one too, very nice. the drawings weer good too..... overall, this animation was great. nice work.

Good God

This sent shivers down my spine! You make great horror stories!

ok but not scary

the story was very good but...how do you not scare a 13 year old boy like come on man seriously.


WOW! You just gave me the gift of many weeks of caffiene- and fanaticism-induced sleepless, tortured days and nights. Great job.
(Fucking insane.....)

this was really weird

i thought this did have alot of style and the sound was well done the story telling needed some help i dont get why someone would randomly gorw a arm in there throat it doesnt make sence to me and also this barley passes 4 anmation so u should work on that thats why i have to give this a 5 sorry better luck next time