Reviews for "Blarg! A Fred Halloween"

I love the song

That was SUPER HOT! I love the song! And the extras at the end made me happy! I'm going to add this to my favorites.

JKR responds:

Wow, thanks, I'm always very excited to have something make it to someone's favorite list! Glad also that you enjoyed the extras. I wasn't going to put them in at first but then thought, oh why not, someone might like having the lyrics and stuff. Thanks for taking the time to review the cartoon!

Loved the lyrics

Good animation, mainly because it inspired me to start learning Flash MX, and the sound was excellent.

Graphics - Your animation is great, drawings are better than what you would see on this website, though, obscure movements of arms - 8 - You could give a bit more movement to each character, I actually enjoyed when the penguins moved up and down while talking.

Style - Music video, been done before, but I did enjoy the halloween spirit - 5

Sound - Superb, great vocals. No improvement needed, except some of the lyrics seemed stressed and you needed previous clarity to understand some of the lyrics - 10

Violence - What?! No violence? Shame.... Just kidding, I loved it - 0

Interactivity - Unless you think otherwise - 0

Humor - Cracked a smile, a chucke here and there, still funny. Has potential, but you should've exploited that a bit more - 6

Overall it was good, better than MOST of the garbage and mediocre work that somehow squeezes its ugly little protruding head into Newgrounds. Kudos on the music video.


JKR responds:

Well, thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it! And good luck with the learning Flash! It's very rewarding, but hard work sometimes too. My advice is, don't give up if it's confusing at first. Time makes it much easier.
And thanks for the detailed and thought-out review. It's great to get such exact feedback so I know what went best and what needs work. Glad you liked the singing, it took a lot of takes to get it right!

Hey Space Chicken it is me again

first of all i whould like to say hilarious. really funny. second of all i would like to say i love your work always funny. third a lastly i named every one of those costumes ( except ) the issac newton one. i actually thought that was a moogle. keep up the great work.

P.S. i you dont remember me i wrote a review for happy three years fred. but then again a lot of people did. oh well.

JKR responds:

Yeah, you mentioned sending in an email or two to Sceb, right?
Anyway, glad you liked the cartoon. And the Fred cartoons in general. It's nice to hear from people who really appriciate all the hard work that goes into making them! Thanks for taking the time to review another of the Fred the Monkey submissions!

halloweens coming ...

thriller ... moster mash ... etc. course there are songs

JKR responds:

Well yes, I suppose you're right. I guess I was thinking more along the lines of songs you sing around the piano and out caroling. Anyway, you make a good point.
Oh well, I guess this will be another Halloween song to add to the bunch!
Thank you for taking the time to write a review!

It's allright

But 2004 was better. Well maybe I just don't like carroling.

Meh. Anyhow, check 2004 if you liked this. ^^

JKR responds:

Well glad you liked 2005's at least a little. It was a very different type of cartoon than the traditional format of 2004. (But to be honest, I don't know how I can top the intro to the 2004 one. I love that part.)
Thanks for leaving a review!