Reviews for "Blarg! A Fred Halloween"

---Nice Parody of a Christmas song---

This was just funny and enjoyable! Worth viewing! Nuff said!

JKR responds:

Well thanks, glad you liked the cartoon! I used to do a lot of parodies, but started getting away from them more recently. Maybe this will get me back on track for more of those type of cartoons. Anyway, thanks for leaving a review!


I love the monkey and the song. Great Halloween short nice for all ages....keep up the GREAT work!

JKR responds:

Thank you! I'll do my best to keep the cartoons improving more and more. I appriciate you leaving a review!

Good Job

Your graphics are getting very impressive. Seems like you spent a monkey load of time on this. Fred always makes me smile...If this isn't true i'll prob sound rather strange...but anyway...it seems like you're stressing out to make the cartoon good. But, it usually turns out that they usually turn out better when you are relaxed and just trying to do it for fun. Relax! Just something that I felt jump out at me...

JKR responds:

Thanks, those are some words I can really use. I spent a few nights without sleeping to finish this cartoon for Halloween. Don't worry though, I probably will relax and have the next cartoons be "for fun" again. (At least until the Holiday cartoon! =)
Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

Very nice man

Really enjoyed watching that. Nicely done.

JKR responds:

Thank you! It's good to hear that you enjoyed the cartoon. Thanks also for taking the time to write a review!


ORginal and cute little cartoon. More blood next time haha...

JKR responds:

Heh, yeah, with the Fred the Monkey cartoons you're much more likely to not see much blood. I try and keep them as "For Everyone to Enjoy" as I can. But maybe there'll be some other non-Fred stuff soon around NG that I've done with a bit more red in it. Thanks for leaving a review!