Reviews for "Blarg! A Fred Halloween"

Cool Halloween Spoofe

Not my favourite out of yours, but hey it rocked. I loved how Fred dressed up as Ai Ai from Super Monkey Ball. I never seen something like that before. I still can't get over him dressing up as Ai Ai. Please put loads more on newgrounds.

JKR responds:

Well they can't all be your favorite I guess, but still glad you liked it a bit! I thought Fred made a pretty good AiAi. Super Monkey Ball is a great, great game. More Fred cartoons will certainly be coming soon to Newgrounds! Thanks for the review!

i love that song now

everything was good, and true (im 14 and i gotta say im tall for my age to go trick or treatin) lol
mek mur!!

JKR responds:

Glad you like the cartoon! Yes, height makes give certain people an unfair advantage to Trick or Treating. One of my friends who is 20 something can still go if he wants because he's very short. Oh well. Thanks for leaving a review!

Very creative of ya.

This was a well made flash. I don't understand why this didn't get a lot of exposure but I guess some things work and some don't. You probably make the only "family safe" flash movies on newgrounds. Seeing how newgrounds is eh.. uh hum..... a x-generation site.

I liked it but the song was just a annoying. Btw. Even though I am a guy I think Fred the Monkey is cute. (Cause I'm Gay) -_-

JKR responds:

I don't see why guys can't think things are cute regardless of their sexual preference. I mean, I think Ranma (from Ranma 1/2) is cute. Um... yeah... anyway!
Glad you liked the cartoon. I think it probably didn't get much exposure because there were so many Halloween cartoons in the past few days on NG. Oh well, as long as some people enjoyed it, I'm happy! Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

cool one

very interesting halloween animation you got here. i would've liked some better music in this one, but overall, it was pretty good. very good drawings, and quite funny too.

JKR responds:

Thanks. I'm not sure what you mean by better music (perhaps a different song?) but I'm glad to hear you liked it overall. It took a long time to draw all the objects in it, so it's nice to hear you thought they were very good, too. Thanks for leaving a review!

good job

it was a very funny flash i had to watch the halloween 2004 to know some of the stuff you were talking about in the this flash like the werewolf...
1. the graphics were good and i liked the story
2. the style was very original i like the song
3. sound was good and clear and again the song was cool
4. there was none and it was not needed
5. same as 4
6. the humor was really good like that one part when the guy siad he could play oboe and the called him a lying scum...
overall good job and make some more...

JKR responds:

Thanks, I'm happy to hear you liked it. I know some references to the past Fred animations were a little obscure, but I think the song stands on its own alright even if you don't catch all the jokes. Anyway, thank you for leaving a review!