Reviews for "Flash Fodder"

good score competitive game,

Though the levels lack much variety, very repetitive very quick.. yet for people that want to fight for that perfect score on hard, may last you awhile...

What a dumbass!

It's funny how WhiteMonkeyNInja calls the other guy retarded for spelling things wrong, yet he uses the wrong "you're"... As for the game, it was good, kept me entertained for a good long time. Keep up the great work!

Wow Really Good game

Tyler_R_555 Your gay..... Your either a kid.... or retarded.... You Tryed to Sound important all judgey Yet you had several Spelling Errors..... Congratulate ( Dumbass ) Was one of them.... I can understand instead of think you but Thing.... that is maybe a common mistake for you... but if your gonna try and sound important, Dont be a fag.... Anyway Real Good Game... Make it Faster... more Weapons... better levels... vehicles... and different enemys... keep it up

Time Consuming

This game was highly addictive. my favourite gun was the shotgun. I was also loving shooting with the machine gun.

Awesome game

This game is really fun, but I think if you made it more fast paced (guys and bullets move faster) it would be even more fun. Also graphics could use some improvement. Maybe you could add different kinds of enemies, maybe guys in jeeps or motorcycles. Also some setting variation would be cool. Weapon/ammo/health pickups would also be cool. This game has alot of potential, you should make a sequal.